The Gardens of Kanazawa


The synergy of four unique fragrance building-blocks results in a beautiful floral harmony based of rose and orange flowers, supported by a dreamful wake of sandalwood and vanilla beans

product details

4 capsules per pack
capsules last for up to 60 hours of use at maximum volume
The capsules are filled with scent-infused beads, and don’t require any manual mixing or pouring
designed to be used only with Moodo device
store in a dry and cool place

The ‘Bergamot’ Fragrance contained in the Sandalwood Mahara capsule is proven to have Uplifting and Calming properties

The ‘Rose’ fragrance contained in the Divine Rose capsule is proven to have Calming, Relaxing and Stress Alleviating properties. In addition, it improves multiple symptoms of PMS

This scent is an exceptional synergy between rose oil and rose absolute. The result is a gorgeous and pure rose scent. Top notes – Turkish rose oil. Middle notes – Calyx of roses. Dry down – Absolute extract of Rose Centifolia.

Wonderful scents of orange flowers, so opulent and so suave, budding on top of orange oil blends. Top notes – Harmony of sweet and bitter orange oils, blended with the unique orange flower oil, the Neroli

An extraordinary rendition of sandalwood with unique harmonious contribution of precious Indian spices Top notes – Bergamot blended with Saffron Middle notes – Indian Ambrette seeds and Cardamome. Dry down – beautiful quality of excellent sandalwood in conjunction with white musk and a slight Iris note.

A succulent vanilla fragrance, reminding us of appetizing cakes and cookies prepared according to the traditional recipes. Top notes – Vanilla ingredients. Middle notes – vanilla specialties. Dry down – Vanilla absolute.

featured combinations

Trail Blossom

Essential Rose

Rainbow Cake

Misty Bark